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Welcome to FiberFlex Media™!

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The City of Danville is planning to expand the nDanville fiber optic network.

Gamewood Technology Group, Inc., an nDanville service provider, along with nDanville bring you an opportunity to let the City of Danville know where you would like to have Fiber Internet, Voice and Television services installed! Click here to see the current deployment map and planned future expansion.

Simply complete this online interest form or click the I WANT FIBER! button above to let us know where you would like the fiber installed!
FiberFlex Media™ provides the following services over fiber:
  • Internet Access
  • IPTV (Television over Internet Protocols) - Think of it as cable or satellite TV service except it is delivered to your home or business using fiber.
  • VoIP Telephone
  • Security/Alarm System Monitoring

FiberFlex Media™ offers flexibility by giving you the option of building your own package from our ala carte menu of choices. This way you can choose the product mix and pricing that suits you.

Or you can choose one of the custom no-hassle pre-bundled packages designed to provide you even bigger savings.

You can choose to rent or purchase your set top box. Plus, we offer everyday low pricing. We don't offer an introductory price only to surprise you several months later when normal pricing kicks in.